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Last year WLNS approached some of the most well known vendors in the Lansing area to come together to create what became a “DREAM WEDDING.” Literally. The entire wedding was to be free for the couple from the cake to the dresses to the honeymoon. The prize came in at over $50k! I thought this would be an amazing opportunity and was so honored to be chosen. We had over 100 couples who completed their entries. On March 9, 2015 we all gathered at Walnut Hills to watch the finale of The Bachelor and announce the winners after. It was so amazing to watch the reactions from Amanda + Cody! They are an amazing, loving couple that I have been so blessed to work with!



Here is their amazing story they submitted:
“On August 3rd, 2013, I met my fiancé on the beach in Grand Haven, Michigan. The six hours we spent getting to know each other felt like six years of friendship. After that day, I learned why clichés become clichés: they are the simplest way to explain the unexplainable things that occur in life. So many clichés resonated with me after August 3rd; “the rest was history”. It was indeed “love at first sight”. I met my ‘best friend”, my “other half”, my “soul mate” that day. I came home from the beach that evening and informed my parents I had met my future husband. The following months were filled with Cody’s Hope College football games and my work as a teacher and volleyball coach. On Halloween day, we bought our first puppy: a yellow lab named Beau. On Christmas morning 2014, Cody proposed to me in front of my family. The last present I unwrapped contained specific instructions, accompanied by 14 wooden letters. After pulling out a “W”, “I”, “L”, “L”, I started to distinguish what was being spelled. Before I knew it, Cody was down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I instantly began sobbing uncontrollably. It was the best moment of our lives. Against our wishes, a video of our engagement was put online and went viral. The video amassed 2 million views. Although we felt our special moment had been exploited, we were overjoyed with the prospect of spending our lives together forever. Nothing could detract from the happiness we’ve felt since the day we first met.”


Amanda + Cody: Your wedding day was a DREAM! I had an amazing time shooting it. I hope you felt like your dreams and lives beautifully came together as one that day!
Much love, Jill – Two Ring Photography

Thanks to ALL the amazing vendors:

Judy at Walnut Hills Golf Course

Nicole with Weddings By Nicole

Carrie  + Kristie HH Jewelry Design

Aaron with Acbproductions 

Jill with Two Ring Photography (me!)

Becker’s Bridal 

Life Support Band 

Bliss Salon

Synergy Photo Booths


Whipped Bakery 

Grand Limousine 

Metro Bride Invitations  


Recently, my friend Starfarm informed me that a picture I took for their promo shots was going on a billboard! You can find it at the Cedar St. exit in Lansing off 496 freeway. I took a picture of it last night:The billboard is promoting an event for The Capital Area Woman’s Life Style Magazine (CAWLM). They are having a full on 80’s night with amazing music styling by the amazing Starfarm. A portion of the proceeds benefit the WCA Youth Mural Art Program. So come out for a good cause and a good time!

Also, i’m supporting my new friend Lainie in her River Bank Run for DetermiNation and The American Cancer Society by donating a family photo session to their silent auction at Michigan Brewing Company in Lansing tomorrow from 3-5pm. There will be a TON of awesome items and gift certificates so come out and support that cause too! I’m doing it in honor of my granny who passed from cancer in 1998.

My undying love for these guys will never go away.
They used to be amazing and they are now still amazing.
I hope we get to see them again soon!
You can see my personal post as to why they are so special to me here.

I remember it so vividly in my mind. The day that made me realize how important music was in my life.
It was post prom 1997.
I heard the funkiness in the distant background and knew I had to draw closer.
As I sat and listened to the amazing talents of one Knee Deep Shag I had a feeling that they would have a major impact on my life. I just didn’t know how much at the time.
After that vivid night I somehow acquired KDS on cassette tape (which I JUST found among boxes of garage sale items).
Yes, that’s how old I am, cassette tape.
I was quite dumbfounded when the bass player started playing golf at the course that I worked at. He noticed my obsessed sound booming from inside the clubhouse on my sad cassette tape. The next time he was in he brought me 2 of their CD’s. SCORE!
I could barely compare music after that and my husband can attest to that.
When I met my husband in 2001, I didn’t think that he would even have a clue who KDS was but he did! AND he knew the drummer (my husband being a drummer himself). Not only that but the drummer of KDS and my husband have the same name AND they are both married to “Jill’s.” How ironic!
So off my new boyfriend (my husband now) took me to see KDS at The Club Soda in Kalamazoo, my town at the time. A great surprise and I think a night we both found made us fall in love.
A few years later, I remember the night of their “official” last show. They played “Delivery” a song that had long been in the KDS vault and I remember tearing up as I thought of the many times and situations I listened to that very song.
A little over a year later they had a reunion show at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. That night proved another landmark in my life. Little did I know at the time that I was carrying our 1st child (I found out a few days later) so Natalie is for sure now embedded with the Knee Deep Shag charm.
I don’t know how many times i’ve seen these guys live but I do know that they highly impacted critical years in my life and made me love and appreciate the “new” music I listen to today.
As I sit here and conclude this blog post i’m reminded by my tears that i’m yet pregnant and emotional again and tonight I get to see my favorite band play once again after an almost 3  year break.
Thank you Matt, Phil, Mike, Rob, and Jeff (and in earlier days Troy) for gracing us with your music for so many years.
You have changed my life with your talent.

Besides being a photographer, i’m extremely passionate about music and used to play piano and drums. My husband is also a drummer so music is a huge part of our lives.

I 1st met Jon a few years ago while photographing a wedding. He was the DJ and I was instantly drawn to his style of playing music and song choices. He is forward enough to get things moving but not overly obtrusive that he’s annoying. He doesn’t bring cheesy props or make you do the macarena (unless you want to) but he just brings good music and extensive knowlege.

I’ve been wanting to interview a few of my most favorite vendors for a while. I decided to start with Jon since i’ve been working with him the longest. When we 1st started talking it was amazing how many connections we had mostly through the local music scene. I found myself working with him a lot after that. We probably have seen each other at almost 1/2 of our weddings each year since then. I think it’s great that not only do we work great together but we’ve become good friends as well.

Two Ring Photography: What first got you into djing?

Jon: About ten years ago, after DJ’ing a couple parties I realized that I had all the necessary resources to DJ professionally. So I started advertising, and after a couple years I was doing 20+ weddings each year.

Two Ring Photography: What was your 1st job ever (like as a kid)?

Jon: A paper route. But my first job that involved actual human interaction was as a busboy at El Azteco in Lansing.

Two Ring Photography: You are a musician, what is your favorite type of music to play?

Jon: As a musician, I have a soul / R&B / jazz background. But as a DJ, it’s a completely different mind set. I have no preferred genres of music. Anything that gets people dancing is my favorite.

Two Ring Photography: What is your favorite part of a wedding reception?

Jon: There are two parts: Introducing the bridal party (I love to get the crowd hyped up for this); and, of course, open dance floor time

Two Ring Photography: What do you think sets yourself apart from other dj’s?

Jon: Attention to detail is huge for me. I like to work with the bride and groom and other vendors to make sure all of the necessities are taken care of and everything goes smoothly. But I enjoy myself at the same time, so there is never any tension. When it comes to open dancing, I have a careful approach to playing songs in a good order, and I love beat-matching. It comes back to details. No awkward pauses, music sounds good in the room, itinerary is followed and there is a flow to the entire reception that is perceived as effortless. Instead of forcing the issue of getting people to have fun, I take care of the things that allow it to happen naturally. And it works every time!

Two Ring Photography: What are your personal top 5 favorite songs or records?

Jon: It changes by the minute, but let’s go with albums… “Because of the Times” – Kings of Leon; “All n’ All” – Earth, Wind & Fire; “Til the Sun Turns Black” – Ray Lamontagne; “100 Days, 100 Nights” – Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings; and “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye

Two Ring Photography: What are your top 5 favorite songs to play at weddings? Is this starting to feel like “High Fidelity?”

Jon: “It’s Tricky” – Run DMC; “Kiss” – Prince; “Poker Face” – Lady GaGa; “Don’t Stop Believing” – Journey; and “I Love Rock n Roll” – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Two Ring Photography: Anything else interesting about yourself that you’d like to share with everyone?

Jon: I play in a few bands that often do weddings, for clients who prefer live music. Usually I package it with my DJ services.

Jon Herrmann-Real Deal DJ’s, Epiphany Sound Productions
A Few pictures I took of Jon and his equipment this summer.

Thanks Jon-You ROCK!!!

I had the honor and privilege of getting a photo pass to get some live shots of The Verve Pipe
at The Small Planet on Friday night.
I’ve been a fan since “Villains”came out in 1996. Jeff, being in the music scene and playing in multiple bands over the years knew both Donny (drummer) and Doug (percussion). It really makes it such a more personal experience knowing some of the guys. I think they write pretty incredible music and have an amazing presence together.
My personal favorite song, “Cup of Tea” off of “Villains.” I think it’s because it’s that old school raw rock and features a lot of great percussion (which is personal to me because I played drums in High School).
We are tied to their 2001 album, “Underneath” because Jeff (my husband) and I met that year. We used to lay on the floor and listen to the whole album as we held hands.
And now, having a 2 year old daughter we adore their new family album, “A Family Album.” It not only has kid friendly songs but still keeps with that Verve Pipe rock that we love.







On their Family Album, The Verve Pipe has a song about loving cereal as a kid. Brian (lead singer) continues to pour cereal on himself out of his acoustic guitar, classic.