Last year WLNS approached me about a HUGE contest they were going to run for a free wedding. Little did we know at the time just how HUGE it was going to be. With the generous donations from many, many of the top Lansing area vendors we managed to create a wedding worth over $50k including venue, dresses, rings, photo, video, invitations, flowers, tuxes, wedding planning, band, hair and makeup, photo booth, rehearsal dinner, limo, picture framing, and even a honeymoon to Mexico! There were over 200 entries and over 12,000 votes. We had a Bachelor Finale viewing party at Walnut Hills with drinks and appetizers. It was really a night to remember and the icing on the cake was hearing and watching the reaction of the amazing couple that won! CONGRATS again to Amanda and Cody. Here is their story and some pictures from the night:
“On August 3rd, 2013, I met my fiancé on the beach in Grand Haven, Michigan. The six hours we spent getting to know each other felt like six years of friendship. After that day, I learned why clichés become clichés: they are the simplest way to explain the unexplainable things that occur in life. So many clichés resonated with me after August 3rd; “the rest was history”. It was indeed “love at first sight”. I met my ‘best friend”, my “other half”, my “soul mate” that day. I came home from the beach that evening and informed my parents I had met my future husband. The following months were filled with Cody’s Hope College football games and my work as a teacher and volleyball coach. On Halloween day, we bought our first puppy: a yellow lab named Beau. On Christmas morning 2014, Cody proposed to me in front of my family. The last present I unwrapped contained specific instructions, accompanied by 14 wooden letters. After pulling out a “W”, “I”, “L”, “L”, I started to distinguish what was being spelled. Before I knew it, Cody was down on one knee, asking me to marry him. I instantly began sobbing uncontrollably. It was the best moment of our lives. Against our wishes, a video of our engagement was put online and went viral. The video amassed 2 million views. Although we felt our special moment had been exploited, we were overjoyed with the prospect of spending our lives together forever. Nothing could detract from the happiness we’ve felt since the day we first met.” -Amanda and Cody

I’m SO excited to work with this couple!!!